Do you ship outside of the US?
Yes we do, via UPS! International shipping rates vary and are calculated upon checkout.
When can I purchase Jukibot™ ?
Jukibot™ will become available at 12:00am on Black Friday, November 23rd, 2018.
How do you use Jukibot™?
You can play games with Jukibot™ using the Jukibot™ mobile app. The app is available on both the Android and Apple app stores.
Will Jukibot™ work with Dynasty Toys laser tag blasters?
At Dynasty, we ensure that our products interact with each other. Jukibot™ is no exception. Any laser tag blaster from Dynasty Toys will work with Jukibot™.
Does Jukibot™ take batteries?
No! Jukibot™ is rechargeable. Jukibot™ comes with a USB charging cord that can be connected to any standard USB charging block.
How do you pronounce Jukibot™?
Joo-key bot :-)
Can I buy multiple sets of laser tag blasters and have them work together?
Absolutely. All of our laser tag blasters and accessories are compatible with one another.
Do the Robot Bug and Special Edition Light Up Bug work with all of your laser tag blasters?
Yes. The Robot Bug and Special Edition Light Up Bug are fully compatible with any of our laser tag blasters.
How does your laser tag work without a vest?
There are several sensors on the front of each blaster. Our goal is to provide a new way of playing laser tag where the blaster, not the person, is the target.
Do your laser tag blasters require batteries?
Yes. Each blaster requires 4 AAA batteries.
What is the range on your Laser Tag?
Up to 40 meters.
Can I play laser tag indoors and/or during the day?
Yes. You can play both inside and outside, during the day or at night.
What is the range on your laser tag?
The infrared technology used in our Laser Tag can reach up to 40 feet, however certain conditions such as exposure to direct sunlight can affect the range.
What ages are your laser tag appropriate for?
Our toys are accessible for ages 3 - 103. We pride ourselves in providing "ageless" toys that can bring families of all ages together
What is your Return Policy?
We're happy to accept unopened and unused returns for up to 90 days from your purchase date. For help with returns or replacements, please use our Returns Page to expedite your request.
Where can I manage my Dynasty Club membership?
You can access your Dynasty Club Membership via the account portal found here.

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