The Dynasty Toys Team

What began in early 2013 as a small group of dreamers working out of a Yorba Linda, California garage, the company that would eventually become Dynasty Toys set out to make its mark on the toy scene.

With a purpose to serve and a drive to innovate, the team set out to discover the next generation of interactive action games.

We have always believed that parents are the heroes of the Dynasty story. Our purpose is to help families have fun together, while creating toys and games that keep kids active and give them a break from sitting in front of a screen.

In 2016 we spearheaded a paradigm shift in interactive games that led to the creation of an unrivaled laser tag experience. With the runaway success of our first line of "vest-less" laser tag toys, we have become known in thousands of households as leaders in bringing families together.

While we continue to develop great toys and games, our primary goal will remain the same - to unite families and to support the true heroes of the story...parents.
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Parents have plenty of things to worry about...keeping your kids active and entertained shouldn't be one of them.

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